About Us

Atmospheric Water Generating Technology and AT Company, ATC Co., Ltd.

AT Company was established to provide healthy, clean and pure water by accumulated technology and experience for more than 20 years. The whole staffs are professional in the field of refrigeration system, water purifier, air cleaner and other environmental technologies.
AT Company brought Atmospheric Water Generation technology to the world facing water crisis caused by lack of ground water resource. The technology used in Atmospheric Water Generators has been used in many other products like refrigerators, air conditioners and water purifiers, sterilizers we used everyday. We began Research & development in the 90’s and Manufacturing the AWG (Atmospheric Water Generator) in 2000. AT Company is the specialized manufacturing company for both home & office and industrial large scale AWG.

Atmospheric water system is an important answer to the pure drinking water for generations to come. Atmospheric water created from the moisture in the air is very special by high concentration of oxygen, no acidity, better taste and significant health benefit at a competitive price.
Water Test Laboratories report on AWG water shows results listed as ND or NOT DETECTED in any quantity on more than the 100 organic and inorganic metals, chemicals and other pollutants that are routinely present in ALL other types of drinking water. This includes every other type of drinking water, from tap water, to well water, to bottle water, all the way to filtered reverse osmosis water. When we say the purest and cleanest water on the planet, we mean it.