1980 ~1999

1989-Dec Launched the POU purifier, 909-H Stand type.
1990-Jan Launched the water cooler WH951.
1991-Apr Supply 909H to Kolong Industry as OEM
1993-Jul Supply CH1500 to Chuingho Nice as OEM.
1994-Jul Supply WS951 to Kwangdong Medicine as OEM
1995-Apr Supply WS951 to Kitchen Art
1997-Jun Developed and launched the Moving Air-Conditioner 
1998-Nov Developed and launched the Air cleaner

2000 ~ 2009

2000-Jan Developed the 1st Generation Atmospheric Water Generator KA4000
2002-Oct Developed the 2nd Generation Atmospheric Water Generator M-5 (E-10)
2003-Apr Registered the Korean patents for Atmospheric Water Generator Technology
2003-Dec ETL approval for M-5 AWS
2004-Apr ISO9001, ISO14001 approval for AWS system
2004-Nov Registered the Korean patents for Atmospheric Water Generator System
2005-Feb Developed the Desktop type AWS M4
2005-Jun Developed the Compact type AWS AD-7
2006-Jun Registered the AWS to FDA
2006-Jun CE, EMC approval for M5 and AD7
2006-Jul Established the AWS R&D Institute
2006-Jul Registered the Korean Patent for Compact type AWG unit
2006-Nov RoHS Approval
2007-Jun Developed the 3rd generation AWS AD-6
2007-Oct SASO approval v2005-Sep Registered PCT
2008-Jun Developed Large scale Industrial Atmospheric Water System
2008-Nov Registered PCT

2000 ~ 2019

2010-Feb Developed the 4th generation AWS AD-5
2010-Feb Registered the Japanese Patent
2012-May France ACS Certification approval
2012-Aug Registered the European Patent (EP)
2013-Feb ETL approval of AD5
2013-May Registered the Chinese, USA Patent
2014-Jun Developed the Cabinet cooler for Telecommunication device
2014-Nov Developed the Mineral AWS unit
2015-Aug Developed the Hot & Cold AWS unit
2017-Feb Developed the instant heating device
2018- Aug Developed the Upgrade AD5 pro 1& ADpro1000
2018-Nov Developed the Stand-type AWG SAT100
2019-Jul Agreed to establish a Joint Venture in Japan (ATC Japan)
2019-Sep Agreed to establish a Joint Venture in Indonesia (ATC Indonesia)
2019-Nov Developed the Upgrade AD5 pro 2
2019-Dec Found the Joint Venture in Japan (ATC Japan)