2000: Launched the 1st Generation AWG model KA4000
2002: Launched the 2nd Generation AWG model M-5 (E-10)
2003: Obtain the Patent for AWG technology (Water generation apparatus)
2003: Obtain ETL certification (M-5)
2004: Obtain the Patent for AWG technology(Water generation system)
2005: Obtain International Patent for AWG technology
2006: Registered AWG system to FDA
2006: Established AWG RND institute
2007: Launched the 3rd Generation AWG model AD-6 (C-21, EZ-21)
2007: Obtain SASO Certification
2008: Launched the industrial large scale AWG model (AD1500)
2010: Launched 4th Generation AWG model AD-5 (C-15, EZ15, DK11, G2.5)
2010: Obtain Japanese Patent
2012: Obtain ACS certification – Attestation De Confirmite Sanitaire (France)
2012: Obtain European Patent (France, Jermany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, UK, Turkey and others)
2012: Registered to GSA Catalog (G2.5) – USA General Service Administration
2013: Obtain ETL certification (AD-5, Model 2500)
2013: Official live at OfficeDepot stores in USA
2013: Obtain Patent in China
2013: Obtain Patent in USA
2013: Obtain Patent in Vietnam
2014: Developed AD-4 (Hot and cold water generator)
2015: Developed Instant Heating System (Thick Film Technology)
2015: Obtain CE LVD, CE EMC certification (TUV COC)
2016: Developed 5th generation model Scoll
2016: Obtain ISO 9001 Certification
2016: Attend the G-fair exhibition show in Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam.
2017: Developed Middle sized AWS unit. (100 liter/ day)